Mailer Poly

Holo Press makes custom design and custom size mailer poly according to customer requirements whthin 7 days.

Whatever size customer need we can give.

  • Minimum order quantity by body color:
  • Milky white minimum 1,000pcs
  • Yellow Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Silver Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Pink Body minimum 5,000pcs
  • Orange Body minimum 5,000pcs



In transit, they could rip and tear. The packing may be harmed during processing at the post office or during transit if the poly mailer is not correctly packed or if the incorrect type of poly mailer was used for your product. The Mailer Poly / Parcel Poly / Poly Shopping Bag is lightweight, secure, cost-effective, easy to carry, and stylish. Create your own branded poly mailer with holo press bd.Order now at the following address: 5th and 6th floors, 3rd and 4th, 41 Zindabahar 2nd Ln, Dhaka 1100

Poly mailers are thin, moisture-resistant plastic packaging envelopes that are used to package many of the common plastic goods used around the globe. These plastic bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To guarantee that your products will reach your clients in pristine condition, they provide strong protection against dust, tampering, and moisture. There are numerous ways to deliver goods to customers, but for some things, cardboard boxes will always be the best packing. But there are certain circumstances in which poly mailers will be a wiser and more affordable option. Tyvek poly mailers are stronger than other varieties of poly mailers because they are constructed of tightly woven polyethylene fibers. They are a reliable, cost-efficient, and water-resistant choice for delivering essential papers and pictures. Poly mailers are perfect for delivering durable goods to your customer’s doorstep, including apparel, shoes, books, toys, and other household items.


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