Mailer Poly


Holo Press makes custom design and custom size mailer poly according to customer requirements whthin 7 days.

Whatever size customer need we can give.

  • Minimum order quantity by body color:
  • Milky white minimum 1,000pcs
  • Yellow Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Silver Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Pink Body minimum 5,000pcs
  • Orange Body minimum 5,000pcs



This type of courier business has become popular because it can provide a steady flow of income. These companies, like their counterparts, are involved in the order-taking, delivery-scheduling, and return-processing processes. However, they also have a few traits that set them apart from regular mailbox couriers. First, the only facility available for the latter ones is postal office space, and the company does have a physical presence there. Otherwise, the former ones work in an office setting or from home. Additionally, they have a large staff on hand so they can respond quickly to any issues that may arise during the transportation service process.


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