Poly Shopping Bag


Poly shopping bags are commonly made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a type of plastic. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable, making them a popular choice for retail stores and supermarkets to package and carry goods.
Holo press makes customized poly shopping bags or d-cut shopping bags according to customer requirements and the minimum quantity of poly shopping bags is 2,000 pieces. we have different types of base poly colors for bulk quantity but we offer milky white for a minimum of 2000 pieces.





Poly bags are a common type of packaging for many different products, including food, toys, and
clothing. Commercial printers need to have the right printing hardware and software to produce poly
bags. Selecting the kind of poly bag that will be used by the printer is the first stage in printing poly bags
on a commercial printer. The pattern for the bag will then need to be printed by the printer on a piece
of paper. The paper must be big enough to cover the entire bag, seam allowances included. The printer
will need to cut out the pattern after it has been printed. The pattern must then be ironed onto the poly
bag material by the printer. To prevent the design from being damaged by the iron, the poly bag
material needs to be thick enough. The text and logo of the poly bag are then printed using a
commercial printer. The text and logo must be printed by the printer using various fonts and sizes.


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