Poly Shopping Bag


Poly shopping bags are commonly made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a type of plastic. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable, making them a popular choice for retail stores and supermarkets to package and carry goods.
Holo press makes customized poly shopping bags or d-cut shopping bags according to customer requirements and the minimum quantity of poly shopping bags is 2,000 pieces. we have different types of base poly colors for bulk quantity but we offer milky white for a minimum of 2000 pieces.




Customized Poly Shopping Bags and D Cut Poly Bags are produced by Holo Press
and are frequently used to transport a variety of goods. We produce poly
shopping bags to customer preferences and requirements, and for their
satisfaction. They are made of polyethylene or polystyrene materials. Despite
being developed during the first industrial revolution, polyethylene wasn’t
transformed into the poly bags we are familiar with until the 1950s. To achieve
highquality outcomes, processes for producing poly bags are highly
technological, scientifically engineered, and meticulously planned. Plastic bags are
becoming a necessary component of society because of their variety of
alternatives and styles. The many poly material varieties enable manufacturers to
create bags with variable thicknesses and tensile strengths. It is rather simple to
print your company’s name, emblem, and other information on the plastic bags if
you own a store or supermarket.


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