Mailer Poly



Holo Press makes custom design and custom size mailer poly according to customer requirements whthin 7 days.

Whatever size customer need we can give.

  • Minimum order quantity by body color:
  • Milky white minimum 1,000pcs
  • Yellow Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Silver Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Pink Body minimum 5,000pcs
  • Orange Body minimum 5,000pcs



When it comes to choosing the right mailer poly for your business, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll need to decide what type of mailing you’re doing. There are three main types of mailers: hard copy, digital, and direct mail. Hard copy mailers are the traditional mailers you might see at the post office. They are made up of a folded piece of paper bearing the name and address of your business. Large-scale mailings of materials like brochures or catalogs work well with these mailers. Today, digital mailers are the most common kind of mailer. There is no need to print anything out because they are sent electronically. Sending out marketing materials, such as email blasts or website updates, is a breeze with this kind of mailer. A unique kind of mailer called direct mail is used to advertise goods and services. Typically, these mailers are distributed to those who have been chosen as targets by your business.



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