Mailer Poly


Holo Press makes custom design and custom size mailer poly according to customer requirements whthin 7 days.

Whatever size customer need we can give.

  • Minimum order quantity by body color:
  • Milky white minimum 1,000pcs
  • Yellow Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Silver Body minimum 3,000pcs
  • Pink Body minimum 5,000pcs
  • Orange Body minimum 5,000pcs



Parcel Poly is incredibly lightweight, safe, economical, practical, simple to carry, and fashionable. create your own personalized branded poly shopping bag. However, as more people began utilizing email and the internet, there was a gradual transition from the conventional mode of distribution to the modern mode. E-commerce has come with many changes which include; reduced postage fees, and increased supply chain transparency, etc., these changes have increased demand for faster speed deliveries. This makes them more competitive than those who did not have such objectives. Therefore, having enough information about your targeted markets and knowing the current scenario of the market is very important for you to ensure that you succeed in adopting a good business decision.


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